You know you’ve got a story to tell, a message to share, but don’t have the time/expertise/desire to sit down & write it yourself. Are you looking for the secret sauce, the good shit, an expert ghostwriting guru to finesse your personal story or business know-how into your own bestselling book?

Investment varies by project length.


Coaching & Consultation

Whether you're seeking support & accountability for starting & maintaining a productive writing routine, need guidance for organizing, outlining & moving forward with writing your own author-ity building lead magnet, or would simply like the help of a professional word nerd to amplify the power of your professional copy & content. I’m your gal! As a no-nonsense, creative empath I’ve coached countless professionals through the struggles associated with birthing and rebranding their businesses, outlining their books & bursting through the walls that are harshing their vibe. These sessions are conducted via Zoom or phone, however you’re most comfortable.

Investment varies by project length.


Proofreading & Copy Editing

Do you fancy yourself a writer but still want the added comfort & reassurance of knowing your copy has been reviewed & perfected by a professional?

Proofreading & Copy Editing services are available as either an hourly or project-based investment.


Professional Publishing Services w/ in omnia paratus publishing llc

So, you’ve written a book, designed a journal, or crafted a workbook that you’re dying to get into your client’s hands - but the idea of tackling the publishing process leaves you dry-heaving & begging for help? Look no further! Whether you’ve done all the work yourself or partnered with a professional, in omnia paratus publishing can take care of the rest! Check out specific service packages & special offers here.

Every project is unique, just like you.

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