Hey there you creative, trend-setting, woo-believing badass!

if you're ready to:

  • elevate your business & brand authority.
  • attract & connect with more of your high-ticket clients.
  • highlight your expertise, experience & success.
  • inspire & empower others on their own professional journey.
  • share your success story, experience & expertise with the world.


  • don’t know where to start - like, at all.
  • hate the idea of writing anything, let alone for your business.
  • have started & stopped more times than you want to admit.
  • can easily think of at least 10 other things you’d rather be doing.
  • get overwhelmed & develop life-threatening hives.

I’m the not-so-basic, magically intuitive professional word-twerker you’ve been searching for!

Your professional word-twerker, writing coach, ghostwriter, confidante & secret weapon.


I’m no stranger to coloring outside the lines, crafting a compelling story, or finessing pages of word-vomit into cohesive professional copy that showcases YOU as the expert you are!


By tapping into my natural strengths as an empath & word-nerd, I ask the right questions as well as the tough ones & expertly blend your words, experiences, passion & beliefs into a powerfully unique story - whether you’re sharing it with the world or utilizing it to entice & connect with prospective dream clients.

"Megs is a brilliant writer! Her technical prowess, expertise, talent & infectiously energetic personality leave her clients feeling wildly safe & insanely comfortable. If you're looking for someone to help you tell your story while preserving the integrity of your voice, your experience & your perspective - Megs is your girl!" 

Stephanie Powell - Speaker, Brand & Business Strategist

"Megs is the best at what she does. She fixes all of my writing messes & turns them into gold!"

Cami Powell - Owner, The Self-Employed Journey

"Working with Megs is a no-brainer. She's helped me clarify my brand message & what I do in a way that truly communicated my style & voice - something I'd been struggling with for ages. Megs is patient, fun to work with & made sure I was comfortable every step of the way." 

Erika Linea Nimry - Founder, The Movement

You're a trend-setting, woo-believing, badass!


You know it. Your clients know it. And it's time you share that secret with the world in a really big way - with your own professionally written & published book.

I wrote & published my first book in less than 6-weeks, broadening my audience & immediately signing 4 new clients totaling $10k in revenue.

Now, I'm showing you how!  

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whether you're a rainy-day journaler, a published author, or destined to pen the next world-changing novel, i'm here to provide the support, encouragement, accountability & cheerleading you need

1:1 coaching & consulting


Curious what it might be like to have a professional word-twerker in your pocket to provide accountability, support, encouragement, structure & expertise to your writing project? 


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dfy ghostwriting, editing & proofreading services


We all have an area of expertise, our unique zone of genius. If writing, editing, or  proofreading aren't yours, you're in luck, those are just a few of mine! 


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self-paced online courses


Are you ready to take your ideas from Post-Its to Published, create your own custom journal, or love the idea of batching a full year of badass content for your business? Look no further!


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