‘You should write a book!’


How many times have you heard that?

5? 10? 20? More?

It’s a huge compliment & should make you feel like a real badass.

But, chances are, you’ll never actually do it!

Most successful business owners find themselves overwhelmed by a sense of dread & uncertainty just thinking about spending hours, days & weeks at their keyboard...


That’s where I come in.

a professional word-twerker, writing coach, ghostwriter, editor, publisher, author & speaker


I've loved writing since I was 7 years old & can think of nothing else I'd rather do with my life, than help coach & support others in confidently sharing their story, message & magic with the world through their own professionally written & published books. 

All without migraines, sleepless nights, or court-ordered anger management. 


My clients are creative, trend-setting, woo-believing entrepreneurs who aren’t afraid to stand out, speak proudly, laugh loudly & ask forgiveness, not permission.