What's Wrong With Being Confident: Embracing Your Voice as a Writer

Jan 18, 2024

Do you ever feel like you're hiding in plain sight? That was me - the girl who hoped to blend into the back row, camouflaged beneath oversized hoodies, hood up, face shadowed, feeling like she didn't fit in a world meant for others.

I was always the curvy girl, plus-sized, labeled as "fat" in a society that glorified a different kind of beauty. My struggle wasn't just physical; it resonated through my emotions, my mental state & my spiritual being.

Confidence seemed elusive. It's hard to stand tall when you're embarrassed about who you are. But amidst all the doubts, one thing I knew without a shred of uncertainty was that I could write. Really write. My words had a way of capturing attention, igniting emotions & leaving a lingering impression.

Yet, for years, I confined my talent to the shadows. Behind closed doors, I penned countless essays, poems, articles & scripts, all the while secretly yearning to publish a book. But I sabotaged my aspirations with self-imposed standards - convincing myself that I needed to lose weight, perfect my makeup skills & conform to an idealized image for the author spotlight.

Those beliefs, soaked in self-doubt, nearly drowned my dreams for two decades. Until one day, I rebelled against my own inhibitions. I reached into the emptiness of my metaphorical bucket of fucks & decided not to refill it.

It wasn't about finding my voice - that had always been there, unaltered & true. It was about mustering the confidence to speak proudly, boldly, with passion & purpose.

And then, something miraculous happened. I penned my first book - a 100-page dive into the lessons I'd learned during my inaugural year as a small business owner, all while recovering from emergency back surgery. That one endeavor, accomplished in under three months, birthed a newfound confidence. Not just in my ability to write, but in unveiling my authentic self, raw & unapologetic, to the world.

As fate would have it, I sold 50 copies of that book in the blink of an eye. Strangers slid into my DMs, moved by my story, seeing me as the conduit to share their own voice. Within mere months, I signed four new clients, earning an unexpected $10,000 - all because people connected with my story, my expertise & my authentic self.

The surge of confidence was transformative. Even amid physical limitations post-surgery, I connected with a brand new audience, a group that resonated with me in ways I hadn’t imagined possible.

Today, I've had my fingers in no less than 75 books - my own & my incredible clients.

So, what’s wrong with being confident? What's stopping you from sharing your voice, your story, your magic with your people? If you're seeking a nurturing writing community to kindle your inner storyteller & elevate your writing confidence, I'd love to help support you.

Your journey, your experiences & your voice - they matter.