From 'Someday' to 'Write Now': Joining the Virtual Writing Revolution

Feb 13, 2024

In the life of a creative badass, few aspirations carry the weight & allure of writing a book. We've all met them – those individuals who, with a wistful look in their eyes, declare that someday they'll write a book. Yet, as time marches on, the book remains unwritten, the pages untouched. It's like a love story with the promise of 'someday,' but 'someday' never seems to come. Well, my fellow dreamers, it's high time to change the script, flip the narrative & embark on a journey from 'someday' to 'write now.'

The Someday Trap:

Someday, the elusive day where the stars align, inspiration flows effortlessly & time stretches to accommodate your creative endeavors. It sounds magical, doesn't it? The problem is, 'someday' tends to linger on the horizon, a perpetually distant point that never draws near. Life gets in the way, responsibilities pile up & that book you've been dreaming of writing? It gets pushed further down the to-do list. But fear not, for there's a refreshing solution to break free from the 'someday' trap.

The Write Now Revolution:

Welcome to the 'Write Now' revolution, where we trade the passive waiting of 'someday' for the active engagement of the present. If you find yourself stuck in the cycle of perpetual procrastination, it's time to shake things up & try something new. Enter the virtual writing community – your beacon of support, accountability & encouragement in this thrilling journey of penning your book.

You may be wondering, Why a Virtual Writing Community?

  1. Accountability that Packs a Punch: Let's face it – solo writing can be a lonely road, paved with good intentions but often lacking in follow-through. A virtual writing community introduces a dynamic element of accountability. Share your goals, set milestones & let your fellow writers be your accountability partners. Suddenly, those 'someday' promises turn into tangible targets with a team cheering you on.

  2. A Symphony of Support: Writing isn't just about the words; it's about the shared experience. In a virtual writing community, you're not alone in your struggles & triumphs. Imagine having a symphony of support, where fellow writers understand the highs & lows of the creative process. From conquering writer's block to celebrating your 'aha' moments, the community becomes your circle of understanding companions.

  3. Encouragement for Every Chapter: Your book is a journey & every chapter is a milestone. In the virtual writing community, each chapter becomes a celebration. Whether it's completing a particularly challenging scene or reaching a word count goal, your achievements are met with genuine encouragement. No more waiting for 'someday' to feel accomplished – the victories are happening right now.

Join the Write Now Movement:

So, what's stopping you from transitioning from 'someday' to 'write now'? The just write virtual writing community awaits, arms open wide to embrace your dreams. It's a place where the procrastination cycle is broken & the 'someday' mirage fades away. Join us in the Write Now movement, where every word written is a step toward your dream of finishing that book. Your story deserves to be written & there's no better time to start than right now.

Embrace the words, the support & the journey. Let's turn your 'someday' into 'write now.'

Join the just write: accountability & educational community for writers now & let's get YOUR book written, published & on shelves around the world.