Embrace Your Story: Finding Confidence in Writing

Jan 16, 2024

Writing, an art form often shrouded in vulnerability, holds the power to convey our deepest emotions, experiences & narratives. Yet, despite the skill & courage many possess in their daily lives, putting pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, can stir feelings of unease. This sentiment isn’t uncommon—many talented individuals, like my client Ally, have faced similar challenges.

Ally, a powerhouse in her own right—a fitness coach & mother of two, conqueror of Spartan races—found herself intimidated by the act of writing. Her story, though vibrant & compelling, remained tucked away due to feelings of inadequacy in this particular craft. The idea of sharing her experiences, her vulnerabilities, through writing was, in her own words, unnerving.

However, she took a leap. Encouraged by gentle nudges, she accepted the challenge of writing a chapter for a collaborative book. This was a significant step for someone who'd shied away from this form of expression. Spending hours juggling her energetic children while wrestling her discomfort, Ally poured her emotions onto the page. What ensued was a revelation—the words, once she began, flowed like a river.

As she completed her chapter & shared it for review, an unexpected revelation emerged. Despite the initial dread, Ally discovered a newfound enjoyment in the process. She found herself eagerly anticipating the next chapter, even envisioning penning an entire book—an embodiment of her own narrative, her journey.

Ally’s experience embodies a universal truth—the path to sharing our stories often involves confronting our fears & stepping into the unknown. It's a journey that requires courage, but it's within this journey that transformative moments occur.

Driven by countless clients' experiences just like this one, I founded just write: accountability and educational community for writers. The aim is simple—to create a nurturing space where writers from all walks of life, irrespective of their confidence level, can unite. A space where we celebrate the beauty of storytelling and acknowledge the significance of each individual narrative.

The heart of this community lies in embracing stories—the personal narratives, the untold experiences, and the profound wisdom encapsulated within. It’s a fellowship that honors the power of storytelling and provides a haven for writers to express, heal, and grow through their words.

Joining just write is an invitation to join a collective journey—a journey where vulnerabilities are not weaknesses but the threads that weave the tapestry of our stories. Here, your voice matters, your experiences matter & your story matters. Whether you're an amateur or a seasoned wordsmith seeking a supportive sanctuary, our community welcomes you with open arms.

In the realm of writing, every voice is unique & every story is worthy of being told. So, embrace your inner storyteller, take that leap & share your narrative with the world. Your story matters & it’s time to give it the platform it deserves.

The shelves of just write eagerly await your story, your voice—come & be a part of this journey.