Unplug - Breathe - Create

Hey There… You Creative, Trend-setting, Woo-Believing Badass…


I don’t care how old you are - everyone loves getting mail.


Receiving deliveries from my favorite subscription services is often the highlight of my month!


After spending the better part of last year combing the inter-webs for the perfect combination of meditation, journaling & woo to enhance my personal mindfulness practice…


…getting frustrated because nothing felt ‘right’


I decided to create my own!


And now, I’m sharing it with YOU!


Claim your subscription today!

is the monthly meditation, journaling & creativity-boosting kit you’ve been looking for.


Designed FOR badass woo-believing creatives BY a badass woo-believing creative to:



- reconnect with YOUR creative spirit -

- develop YOUR authentically badass writing voice -

- empower YOUR authentic self-expression -

- be more confidently YOU -

- & invite YOU to UNPLUG, BREATHE & CREATE -

Claim your subscription today!

Each annual subscription includes 12-monthly:

  • Themed Full Color Reflection Journals

  • Daily Journaling Prompts

  • Energy & Creativity Trackers

  • Themed Recorded Meditation Downloads

  • Extra Flowy Journaling Pens

  • Personal Mini-Essential Oil Rollers

  • Energetically Infused Stones & Crystals

  • Delivered right to your door

All for less than it costs to make a few Starbucks runs!

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